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Well preserved oil paintings can keep its color and looking for hundreds of years. Oil paintings on canvas can be affected by temperature and humidity of the environment so they should be kept in room with relatively stable temperature. To protect their oil painting artwork, professional oil painters and collectors have strict requirements and rules for temperature, humidity, transport, cleaning, repairing and anti-theft etc.

  1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long time.
  2. Avoid storing oil paintings in room that is cold and humid. And keep it far from bath room and kitchen.
  3. Avoid squeezing and stacking oil paintings. It is suggested to have a rack or shelf for keeping oil paintings.
  4. Hang oil paintings firmly and stably and reserve some space behind the canvas or frame to allow flowing of fresh air around the painting.
  5. During transport, make sure to carefully cover both sides of the painting to avoid damage by spike.
  6. Periodically clean painting canvas from dirt. You can spread two layers lightly natural beeswax which had been dissolved in turpentine at the front and back of the canvas. It can completely prevent the humid air to plunge and brings harm.
  7. Avoid dirt and insects.
If you need to detach the painting canvas from the stretcher bars and save it:
  • Make sure to dry the canvas completely.
  • Use a big spool to roll the canvas around it, and don’t roll it too tight.
  • Use food wrapper to wrap the scroll.
  • Cardboard tubes (they can be bought in post office with different sizes) are perfect for storing the painting scrolls.